Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The antidote falls upon us, temporal remedy for recent waves of heat, the ebb and flow for those of us below. Stranded at work I write this; some such release for the mind that has been absent for some time. The Vespa provides no shield from these heavenly waters.

So begin the ponderings of the season, of what mysteries may await. Too long methinks have I witnessed the rain pattering concentricities around this little fish pond, year after year. Soon I'll push send and start the chain reaction, to the beginning of the end, here at the local watering hole. Well overdue perhaps.

The future evolves still in the mind. Here begins some kind of journey it seems, into uncharted waters, following the dark undertow. The weather current seems unable to decide, whether to pour down or subside.

May make a dash.

The Pond & The Stupa

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