Monday, 1 March 2010

Familiar Strangers & Strange Familiars

Staring from the twenty-first floor I see them. The horizon highway resembles some kind of twisted ant trail. Workers & soldiers, drones & new queens, off on their way to build the colony. Precise roles are unbeknown -- for the most part -- in the building of these social monoliths.

Off from duty in one of the taller chambers of the anthill, I sat still for a second. The friendly strangers scuttled by.

Who were they? Where were they going? What part do they play in this cosmic mound?

Inspiration from Amelia, a strange friend of mine, set me on an imitation stealth photography mission, I'd always wanted to try. The strangers in some way become the stars. The people I'd never meet somehow still have influence.

More daunting than you might imagine, I managed to snap a few, without too many sideways glances. One seemed strangely familiar. Of all the ants in the mishmash nest..

I wish I could say it was Amelia, if only for the elevated irony. It was my friend Dan, and we went and bought a Boost Juice smoothie! Sweet!

Familiar spirit

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