Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tadpole Aspirations

"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year." ~Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

Photographed some tadpoles today. No good ones though; needed a polarizing lens & a macro. Noticed the wrigglers in the pond a few days ago, but didn't tell a soul. I wonder who else has seen them. I wonder who else even cares to know. Quite certain they're frogs and not toads, but somehow sometimes who's to say what they'll become in time? What will we all?

Conversation steering at dinner, we arrive quite pointedly at the possibility that sometime in the future there may come about a device that is able to determine and visualise all occurring moments in history, from the dawn of time to the press of the button. I propose the possible evolutionary path that such a device might take over millions of generations; from mobile phones to self-replicating mind-machines. Ultimately it is surmised that the consciousness of every being may be merely be an agent of these futuristic history machines, magnetic heads zipping away, recording through the ages, and that we are just now at this current particular part of the tape. Perhaps she thought me mad by the end.

Thoughts on whale evolution turn to thoughts on mosquito evolution turn to thoughts on frog evolution turn to thoughts on myself. Soon comes a time when we all must grow legs and leap our fish-ponds.

Murky lies the heavens hovering just above the surface

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